Poison Tree and #letsmakeamoviefxbg Land Front and Center in the Free-Lance Star

“Anyone who has dreamed of seeing their name during the credits at the end of a film now has a chance–and it doesn’t require an investment of thousands of dollars.” (Adele Uphaus-Conner, “Free-Lance Star)

Me and Justin recently did an interview with Adele, from the Free-Lance Star. We were and are so very grateful for the opportunity to do so. Little did we know, we would be on the front page!

What an amazing surprise, indeed, to wake up and not only read a well-written piece, but that it was right on the front.

#letsmakeamoviefxbg started with my idea that participating in and supporting art should be accessible, and now, more so than before, it’s become my hope that this endeavor, ambitious though it may be, offers some positivity in a world where we see negative.

We on the “Poison Tree” team hope that in all this disconnect that through art, we can bring people together.

I am of the opinion that independent arts are as important and hold just as much weight as mainstream art. Indie art traditionally holds an unwavering ability to hit the nooks and speak to the individual.

(The above is my two-cents and it is fair to disagree!)

With that said, I am proud, humbled, amazed, inspired, and so much more I don’t have the heart to further bore you, to be a member of “Poison Tree” Movie and of #letsmakeamoviefxbg.

To Read the Article, Click Here!

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