Business Contributor Highlight: Alright Vinyl

“We’re in the business of selling nostalgia.”
(Dave Moore, Alright Vinyl / owner)

The “Poison Tree” cast and crew would like to thank Alright Vinyl for not only financially contributing to our upcoming feature film but for also contributing to our social media and joining us on set as our continuity department.

Alright Vinyl is an online vinyl record store that specializes in Japanese pressings, high quality covers that collectors love due to their dead-quiet vinyl and attention to processing and quality.

In addition to selling auditory nostalgia, Dave Moore, owner of Alright Vinyl, aspires to open a brick-and-mortar location in northern Virginia as early as Spring 2024!

His goal is to not only provide the East Coast with the music we all grew up with and love but to bring locally produced THC products to the NOVA area once THC becomes legalized. Moore aspires to create an environment where people from all difference backgrounds and life experiences can come together and create conversations that help us value the differences in one another. In his words, “Find someone you disagree with and get high with them”.

For more information on the vinyl’s currently available, follow Alright Vinyl on Facebook and Click Here to check out their website.

Thank you for supporting small businesses who support The Arts!

Business Contributor Highlight: Katora Cafe

The cast and crew behind Poison Tree is pleased to announce our funding partnership with Katora Cafe, located on campus at UMW inside Hurley Convergence Center.

With the best that alternative and healthy living-based eating has to offer, Katora Cafe has been described by its owners as such:

“At the foundation we support healthy living and offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dining. We are the only downtown cafe to be 100% vegetarian and this is something we NEVER plan on changing. Our plant-based milk options include unsweetened almond, soy, coconut and oat… and we’re always testing new ones!” 

Katora Cafe offers Kuleana Coffee roasters exclusively for espresso, drip coffee, and retail coffee (available in organic as well as single origin). Their organic loose leaf teas are sourced from Adagio and Royal Tea New York. The delicious drinks they offer have created quite the stir in the downtown Fredericksburg area.

Katora Cafe is owned and operated by Christian and April Zammas. Christian handles the food and menu, while April maintains their online and social media presence. They are proud members of the Fredericksburg community, and they bring their love of the community into their food and beverage selections.

Christian and April Zammas

(To learn more about Katora Cafe, visit their website:

Poison Tree and #letsmakeamoviefxbg Land Front and Center in the Free-Lance Star

“Anyone who has dreamed of seeing their name during the credits at the end of a film now has a chance–and it doesn’t require an investment of thousands of dollars.” (Adele Uphaus-Conner, “Free-Lance Star)

Me and Justin recently did an interview with Adele, from the Free-Lance Star. We were and are so very grateful for the opportunity to do so. Little did we know, we would be on the front page!

What an amazing surprise, indeed, to wake up and not only read a well-written piece, but that it was right on the front.

#letsmakeamoviefxbg started with my idea that participating in and supporting art should be accessible, and now, more so than before, it’s become my hope that this endeavor, ambitious though it may be, offers some positivity in a world where we see negative.

We on the “Poison Tree” team hope that in all this disconnect that through art, we can bring people together.

I am of the opinion that independent arts are as important and hold just as much weight as mainstream art. Indie art traditionally holds an unwavering ability to hit the nooks and speak to the individual.

(The above is my two-cents and it is fair to disagree!)

With that said, I am proud, humbled, amazed, inspired, and so much more I don’t have the heart to further bore you, to be a member of “Poison Tree” Movie and of #letsmakeamoviefxbg.

To Read the Article, Click Here!

Business Contributor Highlight

“Poison Tree” Cast and Crew would like to thank Piel Bella Day Spa for Contributing to our upcoming production!

Jen Robinson, owner of Piel Bella Day Spa has a passion for skin care and for empowering women by helping them look and feel beautiful, confident, and ready to take on the day!

Jen holds multiple certifications that go beyond a basic Esthetician licensure–she has received additional certifications and education in: Corrective Peels, Anti-aging treatments, and Advanced Exfoliation techniques among my expanding and continuing education. She is also currently licensed in two states, Virginia and Colorado. 

“I am currently the only Oncology Trained Esthetician in the area and find it tremendously rewarding to help oncology clients move through that emotional space of feeling down, unseen, and unheard. By making them feel “taken care of,” I change the situation for my clients so they have a more positive outlook. It’s about making a difference. It’s about kindness.” –Jen Robinson (Owner of PiaBella Day Spa)

Jen holds a certificate as an Oncology Trained Esthetician and is an active member of Associated Skin Care Professionals!

Check out her video with #letsmakeamoviefxbg:

To book and appointment or for more information on PiaBella Day Spa, check out their website by Clicking Here!

Because of local businesses such as Piel Bella, our dreams of producing a feature-film are becoming reality, and we cannot begin to express how grateful we are! All contributions go towards production equipment, costs such as props, food, and to pay our cast and our crew!

From us to you, THANK YOU!

Meet the Cast of “Poison Tree”

“Poison Tree” would like to introduce Matthew Sharpe as our male lead, Dr. Adam Benson. Fighting writer’s block while trying to write his first novel, Adam distracts himself by building ships in bottles.

Matthew Sharpe

“Poison Tree” is excited to introduce Matthew Sharpe as our male lead, Dr. Adam Benson. Fighting writer’s block while trying to write his first novel, Adam distracts himself by building ships in bottles.

But when Adam makes a gruesome and tragic discovery, will he face the situation head on, or will he push reality so far away that it shatters?

Matthew Sharpe is a Washington DC local with over six years of experience in screen acting. He holds a master’s degree in Producing for Film and Television from The American University School of Communications, and is ongoing training in the Meisner technique from Matthew Corozine Studios, NYC.

His special skills include firearms training, fight choreography, stage weapons, and improv.

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Meet the Cast of “Poison Tree”

The “Poison Tree” team is proud to introduce Whitney Richardson, who will be playing Nichole Benson, our female lead.

Whitney Richardson

The “Poison Tree” team is proud to introduce Whitney Richardson, who will be playing our female lead, Nichole Benson, an elementary school teacher who is as complicated as she is intelligent. Upon making a tragic discovery, will she be able to release the past or will she become so wrapped up in her quest for answers, that she crosses the thin line where reality meets fiction?

Whitney has been a lover of the arts since she could hold her first paint brush. The arts have always played a major role in Whitney’s life and with her family.

Family is everything to Whitney. She comes from a very
large southern family, and that love for family aligns with her passion for mentoring the youth. Whitney’s
first step onto a big set was the TV series Instinct and House of Cards. Whitney enjoys every moment she’s
able to spread her creativity and believes that Happiness is not something you sit back and wait for.

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