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If you found this page, that means our QR code worked and you’re wanting more information about #letsmakeamoviefxbg 20k to 20k, the project where we here at 669 Productions have teamed up with the folks at JBConcepts to raise $20,000 to produce “Poison Tree”, our upcoming psychological thriller film by asking 20,000 people to donate $1 each.

Click Here for a Current List of Our Contributors!

Now, I’m sure you’re kicking back in your recliner with a bowl of tortilla chips and salsa and a confused expression as you wonder why on earth we’d be looking for 20,000 people to donate $1 a piece. Fair question; you see, we figure it’s a win-win opportunity:

What we receive: The chance to see “Poison Tree” through from beginning to end.

What you receive: Your name in a feature film. That’s right! Your NAME on the BIG SCREEN!

What we both receive: A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to break the world record for the world’s longest end credit roll!

All you have to do is send $1 by clicking one of the “Donate Now” options OR to any of the following CashApp, Venmo, or PayPal accounts: **IMPORTANT NOTE: Name WILL APPEAR As it reads on account unless OTHERWISE NOTED** *We have a form below you can fill out for your convenience*

CashApp: $letsmakeamoviefxbg

Venmo: @LetsMakeAMovieFXBG

PayPal: PayPal.Me/letsmakeamoviefxbg

Buy Me a Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Poisontree/

Click Here for a list of recent contributions

But wait, WHO ARE ‘WE’?

‘WE’ are 669 Productions and JB Concepts the award-winning filmmakers of “Slashed Ceiling” which screened at the L.A.-based 2022 Awesome Film Festival and won 1st place Horror Short Film category. “Slashed Ceiling” ceiling has also been selected for the Bull City Run Film Festival 2022, to be held virtually in March!

Check out the trailer below! (And follow us on Facebook!)

AND find “Slashed Ceiling” Full Movie by heading on over to our Buy Me A Coffee Page!

What to know before risking your $1 investment!

We understand that in these times any investment is risky. While we at 669 Productions and JB Concepts can absolutely promise you beyond any shadow of any doubt that ever doubted we will finish filming and editing “Poison Tree”, we CANNOT guarantee the credit roll will effectively clear the Guiness Book of World Record’s longest credit roll record holder.

We wish, down to the depths of what’s left of our jaded, cynical hearts we could make this promise to you; however, we live in unstable and changing times wherein another filmmaker could emerge with a goal of 20,001 people donating $1 per person and thus outdo us by mere milliseconds on the credit roll. As we strive for transparency, we saw this disclaimer as fitting.

Still have questions? Groovy! We are here to help.

Q. Must I have a theatrical or film background to donate my dollar and have my name in your film?

A. No. While we encourage others to learn more about all art, including film and theater, prior film or theater experience is not necessary in order for you to donate your dollar and have your name in the credits.

Q. Must I understand how to run a camera, lighting, or audio in order to donate my dollar and have my name in your film?

A. No. While we feel it never hurts to take up new hobbies in life, doing so is not necessary to participate.

Q. If I donate my dollar to your film, will I need to show up on set during filming?

A. Please don’t! We meant, no. While we love and appreciate and are extremely humbled by the support, film sets tend to be quite convoluted all on their own. Rest assured knowing that all the participation we require is simply the donation of your dollar, in exchange your which you will be able to see your name on our credit roll.

Q. What if I am an individual or business who would like to donate more than $1?

A. Please contact us at info@aaronkcrocker.com and we will respond promptly with further information.

**We will be adding additional questions and answers as we receive them.

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