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Piel Bella Day Spa * Katora Coffee* Ashton Innovations Drywall & Painting INC. * Cubby’s Crusade * Carts inc.* Juan More Taco FXBG* Olde Towne Butcher * Higher Purpose Sports* Billiken’s Smokehouse

Sue Patton

Jeff Bridges

Piel Bella Day Spa

Ashton Innovations Drywall & Painting, Inc.

Katora Coffee

Karen Pisciotta

Juan More Taco FXBG

Karen Kalinski

Phineas Wyman

Precious Memories Travel

Chaz Riddle

Pamela Mann

Eva Mc Donnell

Joshua Taylor

Mathew Dodge

Abril Adams

Paul Horn

Latimer Elmore

Amanda Thompson

Teddy Spittal

Terri Devine


Linda S White

Keri Walker

Meredith Williams

Charles Britt

Christine Verdow

Alyscenne Vallelonga

Jessica Wilkins

Brandon Carr

Kaylie Brochu

Michael Ketola

Allison Nobles

Mark Mackey

Susan Straughan

Pam Belfield

Sara Prunczik

Stephanie Milligan

Chris DeBernard

Kasey Furrow

Wash Me Work LLC

Alayna Stiffler

James Lawson Moore

Erin Rogalla

Jeffery Goodman

David Moore

Jessica Carter

Tabitha Moore

Linette Kasper

Lynn Wagner-Smith

Cubby’s Crusade

Carts Inc.

Helena Edgell

Charles Milton McNatt

Rosemary Burke

Diane Morrison

Carly Bridges

Catherine Williams

Patricia Mills

Michele Harlow

Bart Simpson


Jeffery Halperin

Olde Towne Butcher

Higher Purpose

Billiken’s Smokehouse

Shannon Jolley

Steve Bruce

Matthew Hinton

Cathy Kirby

Christina Gum

Katharine Micks

Eric Hovey

Nina Jones

Jacquelyn Biggs

Robert Biggs

Doug and Lee Bright

Gary and Paula Le Fleur

Ermal Hendersen

Rebecca Wilde

Jeff Wicker

Wicker and Wilde

Ashley Jones

Scarlet Dean

Megan Rummel

Landen Lewis


Robert Patrick Fennell

Morgan Coleman

Alexis Taylor

Shelby Grayson

Cole Hicks

Shery and Lynn De Jesus

Heather OMG

Leslie, et al.

Alexander Salamander

Calliope Jack

Trickster and Devy

Laura Phelps

Kimberly Larson

BJ Peace

Erin Grace Peace

Coco Woods

Allison Woods

Mehar Rajput

Heather Barker

Antoine Dorsey

Lisa Phelps

Sara Barmer

Julianna Thompson

Sarah Thompson

Ashley Suszczewicz

Geoff Ness

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