Business Contributor Highlight: Juan More Taco

We here at 669 Productions would like to celebrate our funding partnership with Juan More Taco. Located on 826 Caroline Street in Fredericksburg, the taco truck is founding owner Maria’s dream come true of giving a taste of her home country Honduras to the residents of Fredericksburg.

According to Juan More’s website: “Tradition is the name of our food’s game, with authentic recipes from Honduras that pull no tricks and pull no punches. We dish out family recipes, using the freshest ingredients and old time techniques.”

Be sure to try a Taco Trio, or even a Tacodilla. Be sure to check their menu, or give them a call at (540) 372-8226.

Voted BEST Food Truck in the ‘Burg 2018 Free Lance Start

Voted Fan Favorite in the ‘Burg 2019 Free Lance Star

Voted BEST Food Truck in the ‘Burg 2020 Free Lance Star

Voted BEST Humanitarian (Maria Martin) in the ‘Burg 2021 Free Lance Star

Voted BEST of Virginia 2021 Virginia Living Magazine

Business Contributor Highlight: Katora Cafe

The cast and crew behind Poison Tree is pleased to announce our funding partnership with Katora Cafe, located on campus at UMW inside Hurley Convergence Center.

With the best that alternative and healthy living-based eating has to offer, Katora Cafe has been described by its owners as such:

“At the foundation we support healthy living and offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dining. We are the only downtown cafe to be 100% vegetarian and this is something we NEVER plan on changing. Our plant-based milk options include unsweetened almond, soy, coconut and oat… and we’re always testing new ones!” 

Katora Cafe offers Kuleana Coffee roasters exclusively for espresso, drip coffee, and retail coffee (available in organic as well as single origin). Their organic loose leaf teas are sourced from Adagio and Royal Tea New York. The delicious drinks they offer have created quite the stir in the downtown Fredericksburg area.

Katora Cafe is owned and operated by Christian and April Zammas. Christian handles the food and menu, while April maintains their online and social media presence. They are proud members of the Fredericksburg community, and they bring their love of the community into their food and beverage selections.

Christian and April Zammas

(To learn more about Katora Cafe, visit their website: