Business Contributor Highlight: Alright Vinyl

“We’re in the business of selling nostalgia.”
(Dave Moore, Alright Vinyl / owner)

The “Poison Tree” cast and crew would like to thank Alright Vinyl for not only financially contributing to our upcoming feature film but for also contributing to our social media and joining us on set as our continuity department.

Alright Vinyl is an online vinyl record store that specializes in Japanese pressings, high quality covers that collectors love due to their dead-quiet vinyl and attention to processing and quality.

In addition to selling auditory nostalgia, Dave Moore, owner of Alright Vinyl, aspires to open a brick-and-mortar location in northern Virginia as early as Spring 2024!

His goal is to not only provide the East Coast with the music we all grew up with and love but to bring locally produced THC products to the NOVA area once THC becomes legalized. Moore aspires to create an environment where people from all difference backgrounds and life experiences can come together and create conversations that help us value the differences in one another. In his words, “Find someone you disagree with and get high with them”.

For more information on the vinyl’s currently available, follow Alright Vinyl on Facebook and Click Here to check out their website.

Thank you for supporting small businesses who support The Arts!